WalkerFX is the moniker of Stephen Walker, a developer and digital artist with over 20 years professional experience. His career has spanned a wide range of disciplines including software and app development, web and database design, motion graphics, visual effects animation, and electronic music production. Stephen is presently Chief Technology Officer for Mobad Games developing interactive mobile apps.

Programming Expertise

With more than 15 years experience as a software engineer, Stephen has in-depth knowledge and experience coding apps, games, graphics, and databases using a variety of languages and systems. He has worked in both lead and supporting roles and is well versed in the development process from concept to finish. His primary focus currently is developing mobile apps and games with Unity3D.

Languages & Platforms

C# .NET, Cocoa Objective-C, C/C++, Javascript, PHP, Pearl, Python, Mel Scripting, OpenGL, Visual Basic | Xcode, MonoDevelop, Unity3D, iOS, Mac, Windows

Plush Tools

For the past several years Stephen has been working with Mobad Games developing an advanced and rich content creation and publishing system for interactive 3D books and games using Unity3D. The Plush system includes a wide array of specialized tools to streamline workflow, creating 3D scenes from 2D artwork and allowing designers to create complex interactive behaviors with no programming required.

Plush Tools

Sourcerer App

In 2013 Stephen Walker and Steven Knox jointly released their first independent iOS app, presently available in the App Store. Sourcerer is an instrument of divination, designed to work as a sort of spiritual compass providing uplifting and insightful guidance for any situation. The app is a beautiful culmination of Knox's artistic talents and Walker's development expertise.

Sourcerer App

Mobad Games

Mobad has produced more than a dozen apps for iOS and Mac and maintains an ever-growing library of high quality interactive books for children. These books include professional narration, 3D depth using the accelerometer, animated characters, hidden items and other interactive game content. Stephen also worked with Mobad to create the first ever Hidden Picture games on iOS for Highlights Magazine.

Mobad Games

Walker Effects

Stephen began coding graphics plug-ins for Adobe After Effects in '97 as he worked as a visual effects animator in Hollywood, founding the software company Walker Effects. These specialized compositing tools became well known in the industry and are still in use today. After migrating out of the effects industry in 2009, the tools and company were sold and are currently owned and maintained by DigiEffects.


Web Design

As both a designer and developer Stephen has created dozens of professional websites, ranging from visually pleasing designs to highly sophisticated database-driven applications. He has expert knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. He has also worked in-depth integrating third-party services such as PayPal, MailChimp, and custom payment gateways.

Design Examples

Database Examples

Animation & VFX

For nearly a decade up until 2008 Stephen worked intensively as a 3D motion graphics artist and visual effects animator in Hollywood. During this time he worked on a number of feature films, television shows, and commercial spots, most often specializing in photoreal rendering and compositing. His expertise includes After Effects, Cinema4D, Maya, Electric Image, Illustrator, Photoshop, FormZ, and an array of other tools.

Axon Genesis

Music has long been a passion of Stephen's, culminating in the release of his first album in 2013 under the name Axon Genesis. His music is a unique blend of electronic styles, ranging from downtempo dub to EDM. Stephen is currently working on his next album and ultimately envisions a melding of his graphics, programming, and musical talents as interactive experiences.

Axon Genesis